I love Thrift Stores. It’s like going on a little adventure every time you set foot in one.

If you’ve spent any length of time in a thrift shop, you would discover there are some funny things out there. By funny I mean scary.

Thrift stores are great places to find film wardrobe, props and set dressings. They can also be a great way to humor yourself.

I was in Orlando, Florida when I came across this little number. Is it a pillow, or a shirt, or a one piece maybe? It’s a “new arrival.” Is that a cheeseburger? I was tempted to try it on, but then I thought, “will my legs get stuck?

Giant penguin anxious to evolve into baby human? Yes! I believe in this.

Show your parents how much you love them by giving them this amazing gift! Father’s day is coming up. Just scratch out the mother part and make your dad’s day super special!

Love adorable ducks but hate their incessant quacking? This would be perfect for you.

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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