Does anyone else feel like most movies are missing the mark these days? Almost every time I go to the theater, I feel like I am being robbed of both my time and of money. I sit there wondering whether these filmmakers even tried to make a compelling movie. It’s more about making money than anything else, and I hate that the big film companies know that they don’t have to make a good movie to make a huge profit.

Twilight is probably the most obvious example for many reasons. First of all, splitting the last book into two films was a horrible idea. It made the plot extremely weak, and honestly, watching the fourth movie may have been two of the most depressing hours of my whole life. But now the world is forced to buy yet another movie ticket to finish the series, and what makes me mad is that people actually will, even knowing how awful it’s going to be.

If we’re tired of watching horrible films like Twilight, then why are we still doing it?  

There are tons of great independent films and filmmakers out there right now. They have compelling stories to tell, and what’s more, they actually want to make movies for the love of great films. Money is necessary, but I can almost guarantee that anyone who is an independent filmmaker is not in it for the money because it is not a glamorous life.

What are you looking for when you watch a film?  

Even if your answer is mere entertainment, most people would agree that just watching some flashing images on a screen is not enough to entertain. Even if all you are seeking is a little bit of fun, a solid film packed with great storytelling and believable characters is so much more fulfilling.

Although it frustrates me that movies like Twilight get so much attention while movies with substance get passed up, I am really excited about the new phase of filmmaking that’s rising. Independent films no longer need to get picked up by a big studio because they can sell directly to the fans. Maybe now we will see a change in the types of films that are getting out there.

How does a film communicate to an audience on a higher level?

When I watch a movie, I want to be able to relate to the characters. I want to feel what they feel and experience what they are experiencing. I want to be challenged to think about life in a different way or maybe simply be encouraged that other people are just as flawed as I am. But communicating these concepts takes time; it takes many rewrites and different edit changes and even re-shooting sometimes to figure out the right combination that will speak to an audience.

And this is where studio movies have been missing the mark. If you want to start seeing something real and meaningful during your Friday night movie, then support independent filmmakers. To a studio, a fan is just a dollar sign, but to a passionate independent filmmaker, a fan is the fire that drives his or her life every single day.

What are some other films that have left you feeling robbed?  Anyone out there completely happy watching boring movies, or is anyone ready to see a change?


Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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