Thinking about taking a vacation to an exotic world? Consider traveling to one of our top fantasy vacation spots! Macedonia Films is featuring a few travel destinations that we think you would enjoy.

So check them out and decide which would be the best for you!




With beautiful beaches and rich forests, Narnia might be the adventure you’ve been looking for! Enjoy a quiet day in conversation with the region’s many talking animals and other exotic creatures, or test your endurance with sword fighting and archery available upon request.

Accommodation: Stay at the beautiful castle Cair Paravel overlooking the majestic countryside, or for a more affordable accommodation, try one of the cozy beaver holes for a family-friendly environment. Perfect for backpackers on a budget.

Getting to and from Narnia: Transportation is one of the only drawbacks to this amazing location. The only way in and out of Narnia is through a wardrobe made from a magical tree. Passage through the wardrobe is fairly simple, but there are only a limited number of guests allowed to go through per year. So if you’re thinking about going to Narnia, book your trip as far in advance as possible.


For a more pastoral setting, Hobbiton offers rolling hills, lush gardens, and picturesque homes. But don’t be fooled by what might seem like a completely peaceful environment during the day because the nightlife in this location can be somewhat rambunctious. Known for tasty pints of ale, the pubs are always crowded with the region’s warmhearted occupants. Be prepared for song and dance, as this is usually the order of the night along with the telling of great tales of heroes from Hobbiton.

Accommodation: The Prancing Pony offers excellent accommodation for people of all sizes. Located in Bree, just east of the Shire, it’s a perfect place to stay the night before exploring the rest of the nearby country.

Getting to and from Hobbiton: Traveling by foot or horseback is the easiest way to access this quirky place, and the recommended map to use is Bilbo Baggins’ map, which is most likely available at your local bookstore.


For a truly exotic vacation destination, check out Neverland where you can swim with mermaids, dance around a fire with Indians, or fly with fairies. Escape into this world where time does not exist and explore beaches, lagoons, and mountains with the energy of a child. However, the area is inhabited by pirates who are known to be somewhat unfriendly, so keeping your distance is advisable.

Accommodation: Sleep in a house atop the tress overlooking the island and be greeted by a glorious sunrise in the morning. However, if you’re afraid of heights, The Home Underground is also a comfortable establishment, located beneath the ground with everything you need for your stay.

Getting to and from Neverland: Neverland is located at the second star to the right and straight on til morning. Accessed only at sunrise, it can be somewhat difficult to find, and flying is the best way to reach this destination. However, fairy dust is essential to your flight which can be quite costly and somewhat difficult to come by. Make your travel preparations far in advance.

Have fun choosing which destination is for you! For more information on any of these locations, please refer to the following books available at your local bookstore: The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Peter Pan or contact your local travel agent.

What other fantasy locations would you like to travel to? Which location would be the most exciting?


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