I like a good cameo appearance. They’re fun, surprising, and throw a nice ‘wink’ to the audience. But, I LOVE a good Adam West cameo. The man’s sense of humor and humility is nothing short of epic. While I’d assume most celebrities expect to be taken seriously, West seems OK portraying himself as a brain-dead nut.

In honor of West’s continuing excellence in comedic cameos, today’s BatWeek post is a list of my favorites.

5. 30 Rock

This had the potential to be my #1 West cameo. I love me some 30 Rock, and in the season 3 episode “Apollo, Apollo,” West steps in to play a slightly confused version of himself. Jack, wanting to reclaim the happiness of his childhood, hires West to attend his birthday celebration. Hilarity ensues.

The reason it’s not #1 on my list is because the interwebs have let me down. I searched high and low for a clip, but couldn’t even find so much as a still frame. Lameness aside, this is still one of my favorite cameos.


4. Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

I’m not sure what I think of this show. Betty White is a rock star, and I love the concept… but, the show comes off a little weird. Still, West throws in with this lot of geriatric pranksters, making us laugh at the expense of others.


3. Johnny Bravo

One of the biggest honors a celebrity can receive is to have their likeness animated in a Simpsons episode. Short of that, a Johnny Bravo appearance still isn’t bad.


2. King of Queens

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen this show; I found this clip on YouTube. But, it’s hilarious, especially when Lou Ferrigno comes up in the conversation. Apologies in advance for the poor video quality.


1. Family Guy

While technically not a cameo, as West’s namesake character Mayor West is a recurring character, I gotta give the man props. Mayor West gets all the best lines, and yes, I have to say it again, West’s ability to make fun of himself makes me smile.



Want to know how West wound up playing Batman? According to the interwebs, West has Nestle Quick to thank. Check out this 1965 commercial. West plays a suave secret agent, again with his trademark self-deprecating humor. As legend has it, West was offered the Batman role soon after the commercial aired.

I know there’s more West sightings out there, so if you know of one, leave it in the comments!

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