When you’re married, your video game days are over, right men? Time to throw away all your Budweiser labeled mirrors, crappy beanbag chairs, and might as well hang up all your 20 year old gaming systems.

Because unless you have kids or work in the video game industry, there is no time or good reason to spend hours and hours playing Halo, World of Warcraft and Street Fighter. Right?


Well, it is true that your priorities change when you’re married and free time does take on a “relative” meaning. But games are not out of the question. So if you decide to get married, you can in fact still keep your gaming passions.

The most important thing is to share the joy of gaming with your wife.

Uh oh, that might be difficult…
It’s always been a somewhat sad state of affairs that from a young age, boys take to video games immediately while the majority of girls don’t see what’s so interesting about it.

There are women who play games, now more than ever, but that was not the case even five years ago.  So while some of us gamers can be lucky enough to marry a woman who is already into games, it’s probably going to be a rarity for a while yet. So what can you do?

Introduce her to games that fit her level of experience and patience.

Get her in on the gaming fun! Call of Duty and Skyrim would generally be bad places to start unless you just want her to watch. Games with high amounts of quick twitch reactions and button combinations will become frustrating quickly, and women won’t typically have the patience to die repeatedly with no progress.

So she can get accustomed to using the controls, start with simpler games, like The Lego Game franchises, Zelda, and Portal. For extra tips on getting her into gaming, check out this article.

Happily Ever After? Maybe….

Even if you and your wife are happily playing games together, from time to time you will still have to be careful of how much time you spend on games. Chances are if you enjoy long hours of playing solo player RPGs or RTSs like Final Fantasy or Starcraft you’ll run into the problem with time. You don’t have 20 hours a week to spend on games (No you don’t!), even if she watches.

You’ll probably have to compromise time spent with these things.  I, for example, have chosen to relegate my solo game time to weekends and not usually more than one sometimes two 3-4 hour session to try and play Skyrim.

But that’s why games you can play together are the best! My wife Jess and I are playing through the Portal games. I love being able to share something I have long loved with her. And she digs it too! Who knew!?

Gaming in marriage is like anything else in marriage: there must be compromise and mutual enjoyment.

So men, game on but be aware of your wife’s needs. No staying up until 4am when she’d rather have you in bed. (And seriously, wouldn’t you rather be in bed with your woman??) And women, give gaming a chance. Or at the very least, enjoy how much your husband enjoys it because you love him.

I’m still new to this “marriage” thing myself, so I anticipate I’ll be writing more about this in the future. 🙂

Guys, what are some of the roadblocks you’ve run into with gaming and marriage? Women, what would get you to play games with your man?

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