Ah, yes, I anticipated your question. See? I’ve written a whole blog post about it.

Allow me to start at the beginning.

Early 2011 I was dissatisfied with how scattered my old filmmaking friends had become. At one point we were banded together and making some pretty cool films, but life, disagreements, and failures had driven us apart. Rather than try to start yet another ‘production company’ with ambitious goals and a cumbersome mission statement, I formed a loose and flexible collective that by design trusted the vague and mysterious creative process.

That group became Macedonia Films, a title that promised adventure and the opportunity for filmmakers to do what they were made to do.

Two years have passed and that vague and mysterious creative process, snaked and weaved its way forward. Our group grew and shrank as we experimented with different projects, leading us to the subject of this post: the Monster.

I again sat dissatisfied, this time with my anxiety about sharing deeply felt beliefs and opinions. The term Timid Monster came to mind, a mighty beast shackled by fear of judgement and rejection. I realized that many of my friends fit that description, and a lot of the awesome people I’ve been fortunate to meet this past year on the con circuit.

After a brief discussion, we as a team realized that the ship Macedonia Films carried us upon had arrived at a destination: a rebel band of filmmakers, banded together to make sci-fi and fantasy films; movies for monsters of all kinds. Thus, the first genere-specific production arm of Macedonia Films was born: Timid Monster.

Joined now by our dear friends Nick and Jess Adducci, Rachel, Katie and I are ready to get our hands dirty.

It’s not over for Macedonia Films, though. Macedonia will continue on with the mission it started with: to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to do what they are made to do: make amazing films. We will continue to blog filmmaking tips and our thoughts on self-distribution. We’re also debating offering some professional services like script analysis, storyboard creation, and maybe even some tools like an online film distribution system. You never know where the winds will take you…

Anyway. Take a look around the site, explore our films, say hello if the mood strikes you. Bye for now!

Dan Baker

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Dan works out his social anxieties by producing and directing films. He's a proud New Mexican, and prefers green over red.

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