“Which Doctor Who companion would she be?”

It was a question asked of me by a colleague regarding an actress in discussing casting for a film project. I would never have thought to ask such a question. But it was a good one.

“Somewhere between Amy and Clara I’d say. Probably more impish than direct so, Clara.”

Doctor Who has been back long enough to have accrued quite a few companions. And they’re all vastly different. Every fan has their favorite… and the one they can’t stand. The one they’d like to be and the one they actually are.

I was thinking today of all the challenges and changes going on around me and of course I leaned on sci-fi/fantasy to make some sense of it. I’m trying to write a feature script with only a few odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. I’m recently married, and well, THAT’s a whole new adventure. My husband is facing some pretty heavy dentistry that will leave him toothless for a while. And a friend of mine is moving from Memphis to Orlando, taking the leap into a new job and a new chapter.

Change and challenges are inevitable. But it’s all in how you face it.

And I thought back to that conversation about companions. The Doctor is adventure, the unknown, a new challenge, a life-changing event. The companions each approach the Doctor, and his offer of adventure on other worlds in other times, quite differently. It’s their response that draws him curiously closer to them.

Rose is tentative, curious, ready for something new but understandably hesitant. Martha never flinches. She just rushes brashly into any situation. Donna falls into the Doctor’s life, bickering and picking at every turn. Amy, and later Rory, bring expectation and devotion. And River… she brings mystery, love, and tragedy.

So which companion are you?

I’ll lay it all out there right now and say, my favorite companion is River and Martha gets on my nerves. Donna is the most heroic, Amy and Rory the most surprising. And Rose… she’s the purest. In a way, I want to be them all. I want to face every day like a grand new adventure with the Doctor. I want to learn and grow like they do. (Though I’m afraid what Mr. Moffett might have in store for a companion like me!)

I couldn’t decide which one I’d be, so I found the BBC America test. Apparently I’m River Song! Multi-layered. A hellraiser, academic, noble soldier, and yet another hellraiser. All with great hair.

Check it out and see what kind of companion you’d be.

(Note: Yes, most of the companions are women. But men, you can take the quiz too. My husband got Rose, “a natural-leveller”. Pretty accurate!)

What companion are you?  How do you face challenges and change in your life?

Jess Adducci

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Jess wrestles through story as a screenwriter & director. She's a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, archery champion, and big kid.

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