Lately with all of these super hero movie remakes I’ve found that I almost prefer the baddie over the hero. The villains just have this swagger about them. They have the best one-liners, best outfits, and seem to have so much more fun. Yes, they always lose but I’ve always been one to root for the underdog.

The Joker vs. Bane

The Joker used to be just that, a joke. That was until Heath Ledger got a hold of the character. The Joker is now one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. He has no motive or agenda. He wasn’t out to gain anything from anyone. He just wanted to create chaos for the sake of chaos. As Alfred put it, “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”

Bane is strong, fierce, and utterly ruthless. He seemed to be able to control all of Gotham with just his power of persuasion. I mean if I came across a man that looked like him I would probably be scared unto submission as well.

And The Winner Is…

The Joker!! There is nothing more fearsome than a man with nothing to lose who kills and destroys just for fun. He doesn’t need an army to make all of Gotham tremble at his feet.


Daleks vs. Cybermen

The Daleks are supposedly the most feared beings in the whole who-niverse. They are a race purged of all emotions and a serious superiority complex. Their main goal is to rid the universe of all life forms that are not Dalek, a.k.a. racial cleansing. Basically they are Nazi’s. No one likes a Nazi.

I think I would be more afraid of the Cybermen than I would the Daleks. Being killed by the Daleks is quick. One painless shot by their little plunger arm and POOF, you’re dead. Easy peasy. The Cybermen on the other hand like to take their time. Mostly because they are not the quickest aliens around. I mean, it wouldn’t be very hard to run away from a robot who can barely bend its knees, but also because removing someones brain and installing it into a robot body takes time.

And The Winner Is…

Neither, dummies! If you’ve ever watched Dr. Who (best show on earth, by the way) then you know that the Weeping Angels are the ultimate nemesis. The lonely assassins live off of potential energy by blasting you into the past and making you live to death. While it may not be a proper or violent death, the life as you knew it ends with just one blink.


Moriarty vs. Moriarty

If you haven’t watched the BBC’s Sherlock then you better get on it! It’s a great show. We only meet Moriarty for a moment but it’s clear that he is not one to be trifled with. He is younger in this series and a bit more on the eccentric side, but he is a tricky man. He seems to have a lot in common with the Joker. He doesn’t seem to want anything more than just to play some twisted games with Sherlock.

Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes films (you know, the ones with the amazing Robert Downy Jr.) is a brilliant man. Just as intelligent as Sherlock himself, but with much darker motives. Moriarty doesn’t seem to have any regard for human life, especially if it stands in the way of his plans. If you’re not useful to him then he doesn’t just let you go; he creates some sneaky way of killing you.

And The Winner Is…

Moriarty!! Um…the BBC one. Why, you ask? Because the sick games he creates to mess with Sherlock are genius. I guess I just have a thing for villains who have no agenda. Who do what they do just to amuse themselves.

There is something menacing about the random and unexpected. It makes these villains unpredictable and that for me is the best kind of villain.

Who’s your favorite bad guy?

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