So Dan and I have been hearing about how completely brilliant Drive is. It’s not really my type of movie but I agreed to watch it because hey, what girl wouldn’t want to look at Ryan Gossling for 2 hours.

Dan and I apparently were watching 2 very different movies. As you may have read from one of my previous posts, I am not a filmmaker. When I watch a movie I see what is on the screen and judge it based on how those images make me feel. Dan, on the other hand, is a filmmaker, so even the smallest details of the film mean something to him.

The whole first half of that movie was dull dull dull. I mean, I was seriously struggling to stay awake. Not true for Dan, he was sitting straight up biting his nails like it’s the most intense movie he’s ever seen. The second half of the film was all one big bloody blur…for me at least.

When the movie finished I looked at Dan and said and I quote “that is the 2nd worst movie I have ever seen.” (The first was an independent film called Deep Water. Ever see it?) The look of shock that spread across his face was almost comical were it not for the fact that my little comment sent us into an hour long argument. It would still be going had we not agreed to disagree.

Here’s what I saw when I watched Drive:

A character with no name drives cars and lives next to a pretty girl who has a kid. He’s the strong, silent type so there isn’t much dialogue. There is a lot of him standing around saying nothing as people talk to him or just him staring awkwardly at the girl, again not saying anything. It then seemingly out of no where turns into every gangster flick I’ve ever seen. Some guy steals some money so lets kill him and everyone else to get it back. I’m bored just writing this post.

Here’s what Dan saw:

He saw the troubled past of this nameless stranger. He saw the rage hiding just below the surface of his seemingly calm demeanor. With every change of lighting or angle of the camera he felt the mood shift changing the entire tone of the movie. When I asked him to explain to me what it was that made this film so great because I obviously wasn’t getting it, he said he couldn’t explain it. Somehow he was able read between the lines as it were. He saw and felt everything the camera wasn’t showing him.

Thats why I believe Drive is a filmmakers movie and not for the rest of us. If you want to like this movie, try to think of Drive as a very long music video about Ryan Gossling’s face. It works for me.

Question: Whats the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

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