The much-anticipated date for the release of Anna Karenina is almost here. Personally, I am beside myself with excitement for this one. It looks absolutely stunning, and most of us already know that it is a brilliant story which is well worth engaging in.

However, the book is absolutely gigantic. I’m a big reader, and even I thought this one was a bit lengthy. Not owning a kindle, I think I may have gained some upper body strength while carrying this book around with me for the past few months.

So if you’re not a big reader and are not likely to find the time to invest in the book, there are still some reasons why I think this movie may actually hold up to the novel:

Joe Wright is the Director

So for those of you who don’t follow directors like a groupie, Joe Wright directed Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, and Hanna. He also directed The Soloist, but that one isn’t one of my favorites so just focus on the other movies. Based on his other films, this one promises to be just as cinematic and dramatically rich. His style of directing is perfect for classics that could be so easily misrepresented.

However, what will be different about this movie is that most of it is actually filmed inside a Russian theater. If you’re familiar with his other films, you will know that he is more known for epic shots of beautiful landscapes. Pride and Prejudice and Atonement had some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen.

In Anna Karenina, Joe Wright said that he had planned on shooting the film in the same way he shot the others, but decided 12 weeks before the first day of filming that it would be better to change the entire production design and shoot on the stage. He said that it makes more sense because the characters are all performing most of the time to keep up with society. And judging from the trailer, it looks like that was a good choice.

Brilliant Story by Tolstoy

Tolstoy understood human nature in a way that most writers only dream to, and he takes it a step further. He was able to communicate what he saw and felt in a way that people can still relate to 100 years later.

First of all, it’s beyond amazing to be able to communicate something that most people rarely even notice in themselves, but it’s even more incredible to write something that lasts throughout time and still has such an impact. It’s so important to keep these kinds of stories alive because they allow for a deep introspection that not many others can inspire.

The movie may or may not be able to capture the brilliance of the novel. However, it’s important to be excited about the opportunity to see it come to life and for new audiences to be exposed to Tolstoy. I discovered very quickly that not very many people read Tolstoy for fun, and that’s unfortunate because people are missing out on something extraordinary.

Personally, I am most excited that more people will soon be familiar with Anna Karenina, and hopefully it will inspire people to pick up the book.

What hopes/fears do you have about the movie? If you’ve already seen it, do you think it captured Tolstoy’s novel?

Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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