I’m honestly really surprised John Carter didn’t do better than it did. It had everything that a good sci-fi/fantasy movie should have. Plus, the books, written in 1912, contained the richness that could have made this movie as cinematically thrilling as Lord of the Rings.

Yet, the movie bombed at the box office. Lack of marketing was probably a huge factor, but the other problem was the majority of people didn’t know who John Carter was, and the title definitely didn’t help matters.

When I first heard that title, I thought it was going to be some boring political movie about some guy named John Carter. I had no idea that it was going to be a space adventure. If they had used the full title, John Carter of Mars, I think it would have attracted more of a crowd.

But John Carter’s time in the theater has passed, and sadly it didn’t do well enough to please Disney. However, it’s now available on DVD, and it is now my mission to get as many people to watch it as possible because I really want to see them make a sequel. So allow me to convince you to check this movie out!

Fantastical Setting

The movie is set on Mars (called Barsoom) in the film, and it’s nothing like the desolate Mars we have known all of our lives. Different species and races of men live there, and the richness of their culture is in everything.

The cities are huge and look like they just sprung from a comic book. The clothes that Dejah Thoris (a Martian princess) wears are beautiful, and the people of Barsoom show a lot of skin because it seems ridiculous to wear clothes that were popular on earth at that time.

But my favorite part were all of the tattoos that everyone wore. They were tattoos specifically designed for each character of Barsoom, and the attention to detail while applying them was so intricate that it took hours every day to apply.

Dejah Thoris’ tattoos were my favorite, and hers even had writing of a different language that made up the detailed work. Overall, the culture they set through the film’s production design was really fun.

Lots of Fighting and a Good Love Story

I don’t normally like love stories, but when it’s on Mars and the girl is a strong warrior, it somehow makes it all ok. And what guy wouldn’t want to win the heart of a Martian princess? What girl wouldn’t want to be a Martian princess? The characters were a lot of fun, both being intense fighters.

I never get tired of the story about an ordinary person becoming someone important. It’s what we all want deep down inside. One day I wish I could get transported to another world where I had to prove my worth and save the world. Watching John Carter allows a person to feel like that for a couple of hours. It’s a perfect escape from reality.

The books are really engaging and thrilling, and I think the story is well thought out. Although I would have liked to have seen someone other than Disney do this film, I still think it was worth watching. It’s unfortunate that they spent so much and made so little because I would really like to see a sequel. There are so many more adventures to be had on Mars with John Carter. Watch the movie, read the books, and you’ll see what I mean.

What was your opinion of John Carter? If you didn’t see it, what was the reason?

Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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