Learning to entertain yourself is important. If you are, what I refer to myself as, a “feeler,” it is important to be aware of your surroundings and how you can be the infector of positive atmosphere, as opposed to being the one to bring things down.

This can happen through countless fun conversations in your heard. Laugh. Imagine your best friend beside you, sharing the laughs you had the last time you spoke. Our mind is a great place to store and recap humour on a day and time when it is just the thing you need. Are you waiting in line for your car inspection? Or, has the waiter seemingly forgotten about you, the sushi taking 45 minutes longer than it should? This happened to me the other night.

There are some techniques I have learned to use when such instances arise, and I like to invite others into these times of “simple entertainment.” Keeping a notepad handy is essential. My husband and I play a little game called word-merge.

One way this is done: I list 10 words that free flow from my head and hand the paper folded to him to do the same. The list is not observed by the other party.  Once the lists are complete, the merging begins.

It is the art of creating. See, I really believe we are all made with the need to create, to make things. We make statements, we make deductions, we make small decisions every hour, every second and every nanosecond. If you’re exhausted and don’t feel like deciding anymore, I understand. But whether we realize it or not, we all need to create, so why not decide to have fun with it? Why not decide to spend that time wordmerging instead of filling your head or your mouth with frustrating things? It’ll make you laugh.

So, examples of word merge:

  • white + mustang = mustite
  • time + skinny = skime

What do they mean? They don’t have to mean anything, they may just be fun to use in a sentence, or combine them quickly as you free flow a poem:

The Reconciliation Cry

Forentle your hearts in the time of grock
Slowly enter the deligh house with a prenound stature
Clorm your mind against sloudly vices
Hear the chrong chickle of the clipy chimes
Let skemote and blogic guide you always

If you try to think too hard it just becomes senseless, unless you sense the greater merge happening. We need to relax our brains and laugh.

You can also try a deviation of the game of Scrabble. No dictionary needed. No score needed, other than the self-imposed pressure to entertain others with your wit and charm- that being the object of the game.

The rules:

  1. No word that already exists can be used unless within a larger word that does not actually exist.
  2. At least one vowel must be used in the word.
  3. A definition and sentence context must be given upon the placement of the word. Silly words like pupcanks and doodowns surface.

Oh, the game of life. Joy is our tool and our imagination is chuck full of ways to remember that everything isn’t as bad as it seems. Let’s infect the atmosphere with laughter and creativity.

Did you find this entertaining? What things do you do to find joy or laughter when you need an inner or outer atmosphere shift?

Sarah Hascher


Sarah Hascher is a native yankee, but wears her southern charm like a necklace. She designs, creates and moves like the waves.

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