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Previously on 10 Animated Shows to Catch on DVD

I talked about five awesome American animated shows that have concluded their television run that you should go find on DVD or Netflix. So far I’ve mentioned Samurai Jack, The Venture Bros., The Justice League, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Megas XLR.

And now the conclusion of our exciting adventure!
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Yeah, I’m an animator. So I’m going to talk about animation, or at least what I like. When I started to think about it, there were a good 40 shows I’d like to talk about, so I’m breaking it down a bit. These are my favorite American produced animated shows that have run their course on TV. If you haven’t seen them, pick them up and watch them. You won’t be disappointed.
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Or, as I really wanted to title this: Why would you let a kid watch crappy animated “family” movies that are actually more disturbing because they’re movies imported from Hungary, the Netherlands, and Japan, poorly dubbed, and released straight to VHS?

Growing up in my house, Mom held all the cards as to what movies we bought and were “allowed” to watch. She had a tight rein on what we purchased and hated Hollywood movies. Something about them all being full of Godless sexual deviates, foul language, and subtly socialistic themes.

This was how I ended up watching a strange sub-culture of movies that nobody I knew had heard of. Tell me if any of these movies sound familiar:

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Do you watch some action movies for the hand to hand combat?

Like The Matrix, Kill Bill, and Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies? Do you have a hard time getting into fight scenes from most movies because the physical struggle isn’t very convincing or inventive and poorly executes simple self-defense ideas that you can’t ignore?  Well I do, and I can never leave it alone.  It’s an itch I have to scratch.

For me, animation has gained some incredible appeal for good fight choreography, especially in the realm of Anime.  But American animation has generally been inoffensive at best. At worst, it’s downright pathetic at executing any sort of dramatic combat. I sigh at just about every animated super hero show that has tried… X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, Ben 10, Hellboy, etc.  Even though most of their content may still have been good, the combat feels weak and clunky.

Enter Joaquim Dos Santos.

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Video Games and Marriage

Nick Adducci —  March 7, 2013

When you’re married, your video game days are over, right men? Time to throw away all your Budweiser labeled mirrors, crappy beanbag chairs, and might as well hang up all your 20 year old gaming systems.

Because unless you have kids or work in the video game industry, there is no time or good reason to spend hours and hours playing Halo, World of Warcraft and Street Fighter. Right?


Well, it is true that your priorities change when you’re married and free time does take on a “relative” meaning. But games are not out of the question. So if you decide to get married, you can in fact still keep your gaming passions.

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ParaNorman is a deliciously rich, handcrafted story. Its brief stint in the theater was welcomed by critics and a handful of geeks that dug its nostalgic, 80‘s quality. The story surprises with how far it goes into the cruelty of bullying, restrains itself from being constantly bouncy and cute, and takes on hard subjects without making them into weak characterizations of the real thing.

Now it’s on blu-ray and revving up for Oscar season.

Extra features on most blu-rays can feel like they’re just for filmmakers. Sometimes they’re non-existent. But it’s rare that you get both an excellent movie and extra content that is, at its core, an invitation to a geeky conversation.

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Nick didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he married Jess back in November 2012.

Jess had been hanging out with the unruly bunch at Macedonia Films since playing the Robin to Dan’s Batman on the John Gray short in 2009 and producing a little known short named Sleepwalking, where she met an indomitable young woman named Rachel. Following a different path from her cohorts, Jess moved to Orlando to work with The JESUS Film Project but kept an eye on the Memphis Wild Bunch.

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I figured I would start somewhere close to my heart with these blogs.  I’ve been watching animation most of my life, often more than live action. I was kind of embarrassed by it at first. My parents and friends didn’t feel the same way and saw animation as “kid’s stuff”.  But my fascination with it never waned.  My best guess is that it may be attributed to how I learn.

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