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Timid Monster is going post-apocalyptic.

Timid Monster is proud to announce a post apocalyptic project. After visiting John Gray’s Victorian house and Avarice’s treacherous world of fantasy, we’re ready for a little dirt and grime in a crumbling society.

It’s perfect timing to team up with best selling paranormal/fantasy author, Cameo Renae, to bring you a short film based on her most recent book, ARV-3.

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This is the tale of how I met a vampire.

Ok, we’ve all been there. Rewinding and rewatching all the good parts with Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At least, all of us who are completely hooked on that show. Even ten years after it originally aired, I still do it. I make my confession, like many others I’m sure, I’m a big Spike fan girl. And I’m sure, like many others, that fandom grew into being a fan of James Marsters and his work. Continue Reading…

Festival Announcements

knoxville laurels

Avarice will be screening at White Sands International Film Festival on September 6 in White Sands, New Mexico and at Knoxville Film Festival on September 20 in Knoxville, TN. If you’re in the area, come out and support Avarice!

For more information about the festivals, screening times, and tickets, check out the websites for the festivals.

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Holey moley! The Timid Monster team just got back from Nashville where we screened Avarice at the 2013 UtopYA con, a convention exclusively for female authors of young adult sci-fi/fantasy books (think Twilight and Hunger Games).

We knew going in it wouldn’t be as big as some of the other events we’ve been to, but what we weren’t expecting is the level of awesome we found in the authors present. Every single one of them was a humble, hard-working, ridiculously talented author, many of whom did their own graphic design and book trailers.

We wanted to do something special to celebrate all the talent and creativity, so we decided to hold a “Judge a Book by Its Cover” contest. We snapped photos of all the best book covers we could find and we’re turning the judging over to you, dear readers. Just jump on our UtopYA Photo Album on Facebook and “like” all your favorite covers.

The author whose book cover gets the most likes by Wednesday, July 3rd at 11:59 pm central wins a Timid Monster prize package and internet fame.

So get to it! The clock’s-a-tickin’!

View Our 2013 UtopYA Con Photo Album and Vote for Your Favorites Now!

PS – Authors, feel free to tag your photos, add your Amazon links, etc… go nuts! This contest is for you!

Great things come in small packages, right? That’s what our culture is certainly telling us. Attention spans are getting smaller. And our writing reflects that. Nobody has time to read an entire paragraph! Give it to me in one line.

It’s true in writing and it’s true in life. There is so much noise going on around us. So many distractions to take away from what’s important.

It just so happens that this is also the mysterious and horrifying world of the logline. Any unnecessary words will distract from what’s important about the story. A badly written logline could sink a movie before it even gets made. And a life with too much clutter can take away from what’s truly important to you.

Thus begins my logline/life comparison…

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I talk all the time about how we are losing the ability to tell stories. That much is apparently obvious in the overload of fluffed up and meaningless nonsense that hits the screens every week. It’s frustrating when every movie is either a lazily written super hero movie or one that is entirely dependent on the amount of explosions or risqué humor squeezed into it.

However, maybe not all of the blame should be put on the filmmakers. Maybe the audience is truly losing the ability to see and appreciate stories like we once did. Why might this be the case?

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I love behind the scenes information about films as much (if not more sometimes) as the films themselves. And I always wonder about what the writer, director, etc. were thinking and feeling at certain points during the filmmaking process.

In the behind the scenes videos or written interviews recorded after the initial experience, they are always able to describe it, but it’s always a reflection on something that has already passed. I find myself wishing that I could journey through that experience with them and learn from those challenging times they are talking about.

So my purpose with this blog is to share what I’m working on and what I’m learning from it.

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I recently saw Trance, a thriller about hypnotherapy, and a quote really stuck out to me. One of the characters said that throughout life we spend a certain amount of time and energy constantly trying to remember ourselves. It was something to that effect. I’m sure I’m butchering it a little. But it struck me because it wasn’t the typical “always remember who you are” line. It was about how people can literally forget themselves.

It makes sense. We go through so many changes. The world spins around us at such a fast pace it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Inevitably, people change. It has to happen and it’s a good thing for the most part. Forgetting yourself is not so desirable.

What do you do when you wake up one morning and realize that you are so far off course from the person you once were? What do you do if you’ve forgotten that person entirely?

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Since I was younger, I have had the ability (or perhaps the curse) to get completely lost inside a story. At the time, I didn’t realize that not everyone could do this. Not everyone can suspend reality long enough to be completely immersed inside a world that isn’t theirs.

So I didn’t understand why I felt so miserable after watching or reading something that I loved so dearly. Everyone else seemed like they could just enjoy it and then get back to their regular lives. So why couldn’t I?

It’s not something that a person would normally talk about. It sounds stupid to say that you’re depressed because the world you’ve just left isn’t real and the characters that you’ve spent so much time with don’t actually exist. You’re unhappy because reality isn’t like the movies or a TV show? Sounds a bit silly to you probably.

But it’s not silly at all. It’s something real that a lot of people face. And it’s very dangerous.

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An interesting thing has come to my attention. People have started following writers like they would follow a favorite actor, director, or musician. It makes sense, of course. Writers are the people who create the story, and when you find someone who can be trusted to do that, it makes a person want to watch everything that the writer has written.

It’s about time that people start following the writers. They usually get buried in the back of people’s consciousness. But now, writers have a reputation among the fans. Are writers going to be the new faces of our favorite stories? Will they come out from behind the scenes for their adoring fans?

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