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Meet the Cast of ARV–3

Dan Baker —  June 27, 2014

I once asked a film school professor what should be done if you can’t find the right cast for you film. His response shocked me…

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Avarice was either an artist’s dream or nightmare because of the amount of work it required, and my good friend Kelsey Sullivan was definitely up to the challenge. Her vital contribution doesn’t come until the end where The Girl wanders through a passageway with drawings of twisty, pyschedilic trees lined up on either side of her.

I had seen some of Kelsey’s work previous to the film, and I knew she would be the perfect artist for an other-worldly forest. I approached her early in our preproduction phase, and her work was nothing short of spectacular. It was truly one of the most impressive aspects of the film. While familiar with the art world, this was Kelsey’s first experience in filmmaking. Hopefully we didn’t turn her off to it too much! We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions so you can check out the artist behind the art! Continue Reading…

Mikayla House was a vital actor to the production of Avarice, but the weird part is that you never actually see her face in the film! Since the main character plays two roles, someone had to stand in and hold down the role of the opposite character that Haley Parker was playing. Who better to do that than our energetic and enthusiastic actress Mikayla House!

Her contribution to Avarice should not go unnoticed, as she was in the majority of scenes with Haley during several days of shooting. So although we never get to see her beautiful face shine in the film, we wanted to highlight her work and share our doppleganger with you! Continue Reading…

Today is a special treat for me, because I get to introduce you to my friend and collaborator Kent Smith. I met Kent through Continuum Arts and we’ve been itching to work together on a film ever since.

Kent’s passion for film and musical sensibilities are the perfect combination of ninja and secret agent. When Rachel Taylor pitched Avarice to me, I knew it was the perfect project for Kent to score. Don’t believe me? I asked him some probing questions below, read on and see for yourself:

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Haley’s confidence and humor made her a standout during auditions, and her razor focus and commitment to her role saw her through a very demanding shoot. We’re looking forward to seeing what she does next… hopefully another film with us!

We sat her down a while back to talk about her experience shooting Avarice. Give it a watch and see for yourself; her infectious charm will get all up in your sinuses making you sneeze rainbow glitter. It’s awesome! We also asked her a few more questions outside the video about acting and her experience directing her first short film, Friends ‘Till the End.

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When we set out to make our no-budget epic fantasy short-film Avarice, we were in the awkward postion of having no money for… well… anything epic or fantasy.

We had to cut corners somewhere, and fortunately for us, the technology gods bestowed upon us the Canon 5D mk II, which if you’ve been living under a cinematic rock, is a fancy-pants professional photography camera that also records amazing video.

Being DSLR noobs, we turned to our good friend Michael Allen and he was kind enough to volunteer his time on Avarice.

As a thank you to Mike for his time, we created this behind the scenes video.

If you’re in need of a seriously awesome photographer/cinematographer, look no further: