Yup! We produced a book trailer. Crazy, right? Well, when we screened Avarice at UtopYA Con this summer we bumped into author Inger Iversen and saw a great win-win opportunity for both of us. The resulting cross-mojo-magic is the book trailer you see before you now. Check it out and read on for more behind the scenes tidbits.

While not our ‘usual’ thing, producing a book trailer wound up becoming one of those off-the-wall projects that we’re exceedingly proud of. This is how it went down:

We showed up at UtopYA Con, completely unawares of just how big the whole young-adult scene is. Sure we’ve heard of Twilight, but there is a whole sub-culture of authors, editors, and male models scratching out a living. And they’re some of the most fun, excited people we’ve ever met. One of the big needs self-published authors have these days is for book trailers; in fact, they’re necessary if an author wants to compete with the big publishers.

Screening Avarice at UtopYA Con
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Screening Avarice in style at UtopYA Con

So we proposed a trade: we’d produce a book trailer at cost, and in exchange the author would help promote our films. Inger was the first to take us up on the offer, and so far, so good!

Production of the trailer was not without all the usual filmmaking snafu’s. The morning of the shoot our leading man was hospitalized after a car wreck (he is thankfully ok), and we found ourselves re-casting mid-shoot. The wind kept blowing our smoke machine’s fog away, forcing us to constantly move all the gear around so we were shooting downwind of it. Chiggers ate the flesh off our ankles. You know…typical filmmaker stuff.

If you want to hear more about the production, check out the Bonus Video below, or skip on over to our intrepid set photographer’s blog for some of her classy photos.

If that’s not enough for you, we went ahead and uploaded the entire behind-the-scenes interview with Rachel and me…bare feet, allergy sniffles, and all: prepare yourself then click here.

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