One of my favorite iPad apps, Index Card, was released as an iPhone app today! Horay!

Every writer will tell you how important it is to plot out your story before you start writing, and many do so on index cards. That’s exactly what this app sets out to do. Index Card’s straight-forward and uncomplicated interface gets out of the way so you can focus on what’s important: the story.

I’ve found Index Card to be a fantastic brainstorming tool as I can jot down plot points and scenes, then shuffle them around as needed. You can color code cards to show whether a scene features dialogue, action, exposition, or whatnot. When you’re done you can email the project as a text file or send it straight to Dropbox.

The new iPhone version lacks the cool corkboard interface featured on the iPad, but with limited screen size I can see why. Held vertically the app presents a generic list of all your cards. Turned horizontally you’re given one giant screen-sized index card at a time. It’s a little clunky and easy to get lost in, but I’m still happy to have it in my pocket.

At the moment the iPad and iPhone versions do not synch up, but you can export to Dropbox from one device and import into the other. The iPhone version is a standalone app, so if you’re currently enjoying the iPad version you’re looking at another purchase. But, at 99¢, this app is still well worth it. Buy it. Buy it now.

Grab Index Card for iPhone today!

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