I love behind the scenes information about films as much (if not more sometimes) as the films themselves. And I always wonder about what the writer, director, etc. were thinking and feeling at certain points during the filmmaking process.

In the behind the scenes videos or written interviews recorded after the initial experience, they are always able to describe it, but it’s always a reflection on something that has already passed. I find myself wishing that I could journey through that experience with them and learn from those challenging times they are talking about.

So my purpose with this blog is to share what I’m working on and what I’m learning from it.

I’ve spent the last 3 years working on my first short Avarice, and I have just begun the process of writing my next film. I will be recording my experience of making this project from start to finish here. With this blog I hope to accomplish 3 things.

1. To connect with others who may be having the same experiences.

Nothing is more encouraging than support. We get so busy in our lives and our projects that we sometimes forget that there are others out there experiencing the same daily struggles and creative blocks. Film festivals and comic conventions are so encouraging because we get to talk to others doing what we’re doing, but most of the time those are few and far between.

As independent filmmakers, it takes us quite a while to produce a finished product of quality to take to those events. So in the mean time, it’s great to be able to connect somewhere else.

2. To inform those who are interested about the many stages a movie goes through.

I have so many people asking me what’s going on with my filmmaking and what’s next for us. People don’t really understand why it seems like nothing is really moving very quickly and why it takes so long to finish up one project and start another.

Want to know what’s really going on and why it takes so long? Look no further. This will be the ultimate behind the scenes from an independent filmmaker.

3. To be part of a community of fans.

I love fandom. Actually, I adore fandom. It’s something I tapped into when I was a teenager, and it has been growing as an incredibly important presence in my life ever since. I love talking to fans, and I love being a fan. I want a place where I can continue to connect to others when I’m not at comic conventions and film festivals.

I hope this blog series proves to be both entertaining and informative. And I hope it opens the door to talking to all of you reading it out there.

What are your favorite behind the scenes videos/articles?

Rachel M Taylor

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Rachel is a writer/director. She loves character driven movies and really good cheese.

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