Eighteen and a half hours of my 2016 have already slipped by.

Last year I hung a dry erase board next to my front door so I would see it every time I left my house. I filled that dry erase board with a glut of to-dos and goals. At first it charged me with electricity, but it was soon forgotten (or perhaps, ignored).

As the year dragged on it began to fill me with a sense of dread, as if it were the Ghost of New Years Future, come to testify that I was doomed to tread water until my dying breath.

I certainly spent 2015 treading water.

I turned 35 this past year. I’m nearly 40, and I’ve yet to direct a feature film, or even a short film that I’m not entirely embarrassed of. I try to keep that quiet despair to myself, but we all walk through life with secret dread hanging around our necks, right?

We use busyness as a security blanket. It makes us feel important and useful. But the more we do, the less we accomplish. The less we accomplish, the less important and useful we feel, the more inclined we are to seek busyness, etc…

It’s a vicious circle, and circles don’t move you forward; you just keep going around and around and around.

It’s addiction.

Step One of Moving Forward is to admit we are not in control, and that our lives aren’t sustainable.

I’ve decided not to set a resolution this year. Instead, I want to set a philosophy; a new rubric to guide my decision-making process.

This year I’m choosing to Reduce and Reboot. What will that look like? Stick around for a short series of blog posts (and if time allows, videos) as I explore and apply this idea.

And If you’re like me, if you’re tired of treading water, don’t just observe, join me.

More to come.

Dan Baker

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Dan works out his social anxieties by producing and directing films. He's a proud New Mexican, and prefers green over red.

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