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The day has come and passed. The Dark Knight Rises premiered, had a strong opening weekend, and now as the fanfare dies out it’s time to sweep up the confetti, pull down the decorations, and get back to the day-to-day. BatWeek 2012 may be over, but we still want to know what you thought of the movie.

So, jump in on the comments and let’s keep this party rolling one more day.

Did the Dark Knight rise to your expectations, or were you disappointed?

What did you think of the way the saga wrapped up?

What do you think of the possible Batman reboot? Will it be a disaster even with Christopher Nolan producing?

If you haven’t seen it yet, WHY NOT???

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, I’m sure you’re moments from wetting yourself with anticipation. Indulge us in this BatWeek Open Form: What’s your favorite Bruce Wayne/Batman actor?

For some of us, nostalgia may play a factor. For others, acting muscle, or wit and charm. Either way, there’s plenty to choose from.

So, jump in, leave a comment, defend your position. Even if you’re a *shudder* Joel Schumacher fan, explain your choice. Continue Reading…

The Dark Knight rises again at midnight. So what does that mean? In internet circles, it’s already old hat! Done. Spent. So what’s next? A reboot, of course!

DC is trying to scrape together a Justice League movie. It’s not exactly the biggest secret in the world. It seems like they’ve been trying to establish their superheroes for a while only to fail miserably. Let’s take stock before we get around to the Bat’s fate. Continue Reading…

I like a good cameo appearance. They’re fun, surprising, and throw a nice ‘wink’ to the audience. But, I LOVE a good Adam West cameo. The man’s sense of humor and humility is nothing short of epic. While I’d assume most celebrities expect to be taken seriously, West seems OK portraying himself as a brain-dead nut.

In honor of West’s continuing excellence in comedic cameos, today’s BatWeek post is a list of my favorites. Continue Reading…

My original idea for this BatWeek post was more of a “who would win in a fight, Batman or Iron Man?” type thing but we all know that Iron Man would mop the floor with Batman without even breaking a sweat.

First Iron Man would verbally annihilate poor Batsy with is rapier wit. Then once the great big bat stopped crying Iron Man would just shoot one of his tiny missiles at the big baby… uh I mean Bat, and then call it a day.

The “fight” if you could even call it that would be over too quickly which makes for uninteresting reading so I’m going in a different direction. Continue Reading…

In honor of The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters this week, it’s BatWeek on the Macedonia Films blog. Since I’ve been blogging about how to quit your day job and follow your dreams, I thought it’d be appropriate to examine how our favorite crime-fighter broke away from the 9-to-5 and sought a more fulfilled life.

If you feel trapped in day-job purgatory, there’s a couple important lessons we can learn from the Dark Knight himself. Continue Reading…