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I read once that Independent Films have a 99.8% failure rate, meaning only 0.2% ever make back their initial investment. That sounds exaggerated, but for most of us filmmakers, it’s effectively the truth.

It’s time to adopt a new strategy or get left behind.

For the past couple years, Timid Monster has been feeling our way through the nebulous world of self-distribution, looking for opportunities to set up shop and eek out a living doing what we’re passionate about: blowing crap up on camera and dishing out mad feels.

We’re happy to report that there is indeed a promised land…at least for our fellow sci-fi/fantasy producers: comic book conventions!

Here’s why we think you should join us:

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Have you ever been introduced to a celebrity and found that there is a very thin line between being a fan and being a stalker? Well, I have. And I’m not really sure how it happened.

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of comic conventions where we have been going to promote our films, and I have gotten to know a lot of really interesting people there, most of whom are super awesome fans of the fantasy/science fiction world. So I am hoping that my experience will fall on understanding ears. Or maybe the world will forever think I’m insane.

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We were in Batesville, Arkansas this past weekend for Pulp Ark, a great pulp fiction con that pulled together a lot of great authors and friends from other cons. We somehow showed up for the one slow afternoon at Pulp Ark, so we decided to have some fun.

Hats off to Tommy Hancock for putting together a great con. We look forward to next year’s!