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I’ve written iOS filmmaking articles at Macedonia Films for long enough to realize that there are a common set of features I look for right off the bat. A lot of people would go straight for stability, aesthetics, and ease of use, but I think there are some app qualities that are nearer and dearer to filmmaking than the usual fare.

Filmmaking, by nature, is collaborative. The lone-gunman is either completely insane, or making his first film whereupon he will discover the error of his ways. The ability of an app to accommodate collaboration, then, is absolutely critical. Even though Macedonia Films is a small outfit, there’s at least 4-5 project leads that all need to share and modify schedules, shot-lists, and other documents.

Here are three criteria I’m going to be looking for in upcoming iOS app reviews. They’re not make or break when it comes to the usefulness of an app, but if the app doesn’t fit into a healthy workflow, why would I want to use it?

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I forget my iPhone is a phone sometimes. I use it for so many things; listening to music, browsing the web, editing documents. I also use it quite a bit when I’m making a film. I’m not as gung-ho as some people are, but there are a handful of apps that I’ve found indispensable.

The app landscape is ever changing, so here’s my current top 10 go-to apps:

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