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Have you ever watched a film and felt a drive to do something more with your life? Something unexpected and completely out of the ordinary that would forever change your life and your outlook on the world? I think tons of people feel that way after watching epic movies in which the characters go on some kind of journey or adventure that tests them and reveals who they are at their very core.

So why not make that kind of experience a reality in your own life? Why not pick up and take an epic journey somewhere and just see what happens? I felt the same pull and drive to do just that, and somewhere inside me I found the courage to make it happen. These are some suggestions I would make to anyone wanting to take their own adventure. Continue Reading…

It’s the question people are always asking themselves.

Most of us probably feel like we are the hero because in our own minds, we are the at the center of our own stories.

But if your character was cast in a film, what would that look like? Would you be the center of the story or someone who just supports the main character?

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