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August marks big changes at Macedonia Films and the Fall is looking fantastic. Avarice premieres in November, we have BIG plans for the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, and our first couple feature-length projects are well underway.

Before we get all carried away, let’s take a moment to look back at July. We wrote some amazing blog posts that we know you’ll love. Some did well, some never got their moment in the spotlight:

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I’m honestly really surprised John Carter didn’t do better than it did. It had everything that a good sci-fi/fantasy movie should have. Plus, the books, written in 1912, contained the richness that could have made this movie as cinematically thrilling as Lord of the Rings.

Yet, the movie bombed at the box office. Lack of marketing was probably a huge factor, but the other problem was the majority of people didn’t know who John Carter was, and the title definitely didn’t help matters.

When I first heard that title, I thought it was going to be some boring political movie about some guy named John Carter. I had no idea that it was going to be a space adventure. If they had used the full title, John Carter of Mars, I think it would have attracted more of a crowd. Continue Reading…