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Video Games and Marriage

Nick Adducci —  March 7, 2013

When you’re married, your video game days are over, right men? Time to throw away all your Budweiser labeled mirrors, crappy beanbag chairs, and might as well hang up all your 20 year old gaming systems.

Because unless you have kids or work in the video game industry, there is no time or good reason to spend hours and hours playing Halo, World of Warcraft and Street Fighter. Right?


Well, it is true that your priorities change when you’re married and free time does take on a “relative” meaning. But games are not out of the question. So if you decide to get married, you can in fact still keep your gaming passions.

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Have you ever been to a magic show? I have. I saw David Copperfield live in Phoenix about 5 years ago. The show was a bit hokey, as you would expect, but I really enjoyed it. I mean, the man made an old-school powder blue Cadillac disappear!

I’ve seen his show on TV as a kid so I knew what was coming and was determined not to blink. I sat on the edge of my seat and tried to look at everything he wasn’t pointing at. I would not be fooled by his tricky slight of hand or smoke and mirrors. As the red curtain went up, the countdown began. Continue Reading…