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It’s interesting to me to study the statements individuals are making without talking. There are so many colors, textures and styles of clothes these days. Maybe I’m aware of this because I went to the thrift store today. I love looking through the vast array. Some people find it overwhelming. I tend to feel more overwhelmed when I go to the mall or store where there are many of the same items in different sizes. If I like it, they most likely have my size and that makes it an option. This is too overwhelming to me.

I digress; the purpose of this blog is to have some fun making assumptions about personalities based on wardrobe. Below are a few ways that I have categorized character traits. Maybe it fits, maybe not. Either way, be entertained and see if one of these profiles fits your mood today.

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I was looking for a pair of flip-flops a while back. Most of them don’t fit my narrow feet. I thought, “why not make a pair?” So, I did. I bought one of those soft squishy floor mats, cut up a pair of tights, and made some cool shoes.

Sometimes we take ourselves far too seriously. I am resolving to dive into the ‘why not’s?’ and see what happens. What about you? What’s holding you back?

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I notice things- small things. Taking the time to notice symbolism in the world can bring a great delight. In films, which mimic the real world, I believe the importance of representing the person, theme and feel of a scene through proper prop selection is essential to the overall effectiveness of the message.

A prop is a small tool in the use of telling an overall story. Some may be more essential for the script that another, but each one can tell its own story and create more depth to the overarching thread. Continue Reading…

Fantasy films are so much fun to create and watch, but so freaking expensive! I had no idea my imagination was going to cost so much money when I was writing Avarice, but once we sat down to really think about what we needed to sell this world, I started thinking that maybe creativity was overrated.

However, I quickly learned that creativity is not just about coming up with new and interesting ideas. It’s also about how to make those ideas into a reality. Here are some cost efficient ways to turn your imagination into a world you can share with others. Continue Reading…

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Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week!

What a character is wearing is the quiet language that speaks throughout the film, even when no line is given. Many things are said through a garment, the color, texture, fabric weight, style and condition.

There are messages that we say about ourselves everyday when we dress. Some of us take more care then others in what we wear, whatever care does or does not go into what we wear, we are communicating some message. Continue Reading…

Whatever the story, a film contains a world for the viewer to explore. Creating a world for the characters and the ones invited in on the story is one of the most exciting things I like about production design.

Being able to imagine, dream and visualize then bring that into reality is a powerful thing to share. Everything begins somewhere. The idea is to first know what seed exists to know how to grow from it in imagination. Establishing or discovering the overarching theme is the first goal. Continue Reading…