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Best Female Directors

Rachel M Taylor —  September 7, 2012

This topic is very close to my heart since I am a female director. Not to sound cliché, but it’s not always easy being a female director in the film industry because it sometimes seems like a boy’s club.

Even if a female does great work, I’ve found that a lot of men in this industry still won’t taker her seriously. Once, just minutes after I was introduced as the writer/director of a project, a man looked straight past me to my male partner to compliment him on how great it looked and continued talking to him about the project without even throwing a glance my way. Of course, the male who worked on the project with me is great about giving credit where it’s due, but it was still an odd experience for me.

Now, I’m not trying to sound like a feminist or anything like that. There are still men out there who absolutely support me and have been fantastic to talk to while writing and directing this project. I just realized first hand how much of a boy’s club film making can be, and I wanted to dedicate a blog to celebrate great work by women who should never be overlooked.

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