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Just to make it clear, this is not a review. If you want a review of The Avengers, I suggest you visit my friends John Boggs or Jessica Powers. Both have written much better reviews than I could have. Plus, I think reviews are boring.

No. I want to waste part of your day with an observation I had about all these stupid super-hero movies the studios are cranking out. Rachel already wrote about such nonsense here, but my blog posts are cooler so I’m gonna write my own. Continue Reading…

The kind folks over at MidSouthCon have invited the Macedonia Films crew to screen John Gray and a sneak-peek of Avarice on Friday, March 23rd.

Come join John Gray co-writer/co-director Dan Baker and Avarice writer/director Rachel M Taylor for screenings, Q and A, and maybe a surprise or two.

Screenings are at 11:00pm and 11:30pm in Promenade 1. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Click This link right here for the complete schedule.

Are you coming to MidSouthCon? Anything you want to see at the screening? Let us know in the comments.