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It is my firm belief that a person only has so many good stories in them. That number may differ for people, but it’s still true that once that person has reached his or her limit, it’s just downhill from there. It doesn’t mean that a career in film is over. It just means that they need to scoot aside and produce or play some other role in support of some fresh blood.

It’s part of the circle of life…or the circle of filmmaking. Once you’ve told your stories, assume the mentor role to help others tell their stories.

Here are three directors that I have absolutely loved in the past, but recently their movies have been stuck in a rut. Continue Reading…

August marks big changes at Macedonia Films and the Fall is looking fantastic. Avarice premieres in November, we have BIG plans for the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, and our first couple feature-length projects are well underway.

Before we get all carried away, let’s take a moment to look back at July. We wrote some amazing blog posts that we know you’ll love. Some did well, some never got their moment in the spotlight:

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Stay tuned, we’ve got a fresh batch of awesome-sauce coming your way!

Leonardo DiCaprio is by far my favorite male actor of all time. In my opinion, the man can do no wrong, but my opinion obviously doesn’t count for anything since he has been nominated for every award on the planet but has never won. I mean, try to name one bad Leonardo DiCaprio film. I can’t either.

Wait— that’s not true. I did not like The Beach. That was an awful movie. He was great in it, but the movie was so bad it made him look bad. That’s hard to do because, well, look at him. He’s so pretty.

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I love Tim Burton. I love Johnny Depp. I have loved their work in the past, but I am really starting to think they need some time apart. I saw Dark Shadows recently, and I was a little disappointed. Are we going to have to see Captain Jack Sparrow in every Johnny Depp film these days? Also, Tim Burton’s stories are starting to feel a little dry. I’ve actually been bored in the last few films he has made. Continue Reading…