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Holy macaroni! UtopYA Con was Team Timid Monster’s first experience with the insane world of female authors of young-adult fiction. Fortunately for us, it was a good insane.

We figured, like any con, there would be some passionate fans and authors…what we were unprepared for was how utterly welcoming, kind, and generous everyone was. Not that normal con-goers aren’t, but there was elevated energy at UtopYA that has since overflowed into our lives.

That’s an unnecessarily flowery way of saying it, but hey, there you go.


So, to honor all the awesome authors we met, we decided to throw a little “Judge a Book by Its Cover” contest on our facebook page. Hundreds of votes from fans later, we have the results:

Drrrrrrrrrumroll, please!

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Avarice and the Timid Monster team will be making an appearance at UtopYA Con 2013 in Nashville, TN June 28-30. UtopYA Con is for “female writers of paranormal fantasy and the readers who love them.” So we’ll fit right in!  Held at the Hogwarts-like Scarritt-Bennett Center, the convention will be a perfect setting to celebrate female writers of fantasy.

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