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Many of us who rallied behind Jason Russell and Invisible Children, who found a spark of hope for the world in Kony 2012, now face the difficult task of reconciling our zeal for the aforementioned and the tragic event that unfolded this past Thursday.

Coincidentally, that same day my good friend and collaborator Kent Smith was defending his support of Kony 2012, and had these very wise words that, now more than ever, seem necessary to share:

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When we set out to make our no-budget epic fantasy short-film Avarice, we were in the awkward postion of having no money for… well… anything epic or fantasy.

We had to cut corners somewhere, and fortunately for us, the technology gods bestowed upon us the Canon 5D mk II, which if you’ve been living under a cinematic rock, is a fancy-pants professional photography camera that also records amazing video.

Being DSLR noobs, we turned to our good friend Michael Allen and he was kind enough to volunteer his time on Avarice.

As a thank you to Mike for his time, we created this behind the scenes video.

If you’re in need of a seriously awesome photographer/cinematographer, look no further: