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I used to read books. I used to draw and paint. Every once in awhile, I even went outside. But that was when I didn’t have a laptop. And internet. No matter what I say or do, my time in front of a computer screen takes up no less than 5 minutes and often exceeds hours. It’s not healthy, as my growing rear-end can attest. 

Thankfully, I’ve found a number of “healthy reasons” to justify parking my behind at my desk. Educating myself on the intricacies of steampunk, the second industrial revolution, air ships, and the narcissistic personality disorder. Plumbing the depths of a sea of artists and their work. Watching Felicia Day try to practice parkour.

…yeah. That last one isn’t as “educational” as the rest, but it’s entertaining as all get out.
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Previously on 10 Animated Shows to Catch on DVD

I talked about five awesome American animated shows that have concluded their television run that you should go find on DVD or Netflix. So far I’ve mentioned Samurai Jack, The Venture Bros., The Justice League, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Megas XLR.

And now the conclusion of our exciting adventure!
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Haley’s confidence and humor made her a standout during auditions, and her razor focus and commitment to her role saw her through a very demanding shoot. We’re looking forward to seeing what she does next… hopefully another film with us!

We sat her down a while back to talk about her experience shooting Avarice. Give it a watch and see for yourself; her infectious charm will get all up in your sinuses making you sneeze rainbow glitter. It’s awesome! We also asked her a few more questions outside the video about acting and her experience directing her first short film, Friends ‘Till the End.

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