The World chased the Monster into his cave ages ago. They didn’t understand his hulking form, and his spikes scared them. So he sat in the dark, body shaking with each raggedy breath. After awhile, he started scratching drawings on the wall, his eyes growing large in the dark. Sometimes he ventured into the tunnels leading away from his cave. But the inky darkness weighed on him. He always shuffled back to his cave, promising himself he’d go further next time.

One night, a light crept in to the mouth of his cave. Pure, radiant white light. It made him squint, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. That’s when he realized he couldn’t hear it anymore. The jeers. The noise. The yammering. Instead, there was wind. Buzzing insects. Rustling trees. And a throaty bellow far away. His ears, or something like ears, twitched. He poked his head out reluctantly and for the first time in years let out a low, wailing bellow of his own, softly at first. But when he heard the bellow again, he breathed deep, filling his lungs and let loose with a thunderous howl. There, in the moonlight, engulfed in new, lush lands, the timid Monster ventured out to find those like himself.

Everyone at Timid Monster looks at sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure with hope. It’s what we relate to. It’s how we communicate. It’s what drew us together. And it’s what ultimately draws us to our audience. The extraordinary people at the cons are like us. In genre movies, we’re able to communicate in a particularly hopeful, fanciful language where the deepest parts of our soul can be made real. We hope you’re looking forward to the conversation. We are.